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The Boat Museum has fun programs for kids of all ages, from 5 to 100. Do you want to build your own boat? You can do that in our boat building programs. The Museum offers two sessions. One for adults and families in July and the other for youth over 12 in early August. Maybe you’d like to race radio-controlled model yachts? The Back Bay Skippers meet each Tuesday and Thursday afternoon on Back Bay. Stop by to try your hand at this fun and addictive sport.

And for your kids or grand kids, don’t forget the Museum’s fun and active Lake Discovery Camp in late July. Kids will learn about boat safety, play plenty of fun boat- and water-related games, conduct water experiments on a floating classroom, and ride the Millie B. And new this year, the kids will also become Watershed Warriors. All these activities are part of the Museum’s mission to teach young people about boating and water safety and to help them become good stewards of our environment.

One thing the New Hampshire Boat Museum is also known for is educational programs that get you out actively learning boat-related skills with your hands. If you are interested in learning to sail, the Museum offers youth and adult sailing lessons in conjunction with the town of Wolfeboro.

Or you can rent a share in our J-24 sailboat if you want to sail this summer but don’t want the expense of owning your own sailboat. And if you’d like to race your sailboat, you can enter the Lake Wentworth Sailing Regatta in early August. The regatta is a joint program between the Boat Museum, the Town of Wolfeboro, and the Lake Wentworth Association.

To learn more about the NH Boat Museum, visit http://www.nhbm.org.