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Touting one of the most extensive collections of its kind anywhere in the country, the L.L. Lee Scouting Museum recently joined the NH Heritage Museum Trail.

As the historical cornerstone of Manchester’s Camp Carpenter, one of many such camps overseen by New Hampshire’s Daniel Webster Council, the Scouting Museum offers engaging exhibits featuring stamps, paintings, Jamboree memorabilia, sketches by Scouting’s founder, Robert Baden-Powell, and a flag carried to the moon by America’s first astronaut (and Granite State native) Alan Shepard.

Now, the Museum is poised to bring its unique collection—as well as some beautiful New Hampshire scenery—to an even wider audience.

“We’ve always enjoyed great support from Scouting families who frequent Camp Carpenter for events and Council-sponsored camping programs,” said Joe Biedrzycki, Director of Communications and Volunteer Coordinator for the Museum.

He said the Scouting Museum might also be of interest to anyone who had been a Scout, had one in their family, or has a general interest in history.

“We provide visitors with a unique look into a slice of New Hampshire’s rich culture and heritage,” he added.

Founded in 1969 as a memorial to its co-founder, Lawrence L. Lee—a Daniel Webster Council Executive—the Scouting Museum has since grown to include a staff of senior Scouters with more than 200 years of combined experience.

For Biedrzycki, joining the NH Heritage Museum Trail provides the Scouting Museum with a unique opportunity for collaboration.

“Sharing experiences and ideas with other nonprofits is valuable since we all face the challenge of getting visitors into our museums,” he said. “Other member museums of The Trail may have ideas on exhibiting, operations, volunteerism, and promotional activities to which we can contribute or that will be helpful.”

While its near-unrivaled collection makes it a crown jewel of Scouting history, the Scouting Museum—nestled near beautiful Long Pond just minutes from downtown Manchester—is eager to engage a new generation of visitors.

“It’s our perspective that group marketing efforts and cooperation will enable us to reach a whole new host of potential visitors,” Biedrzycki said.

To learn more about the L.L. Lee Scouting Museum, including programming and weekly hours, visit www.scoutingmuseum.org.

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