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This season, education and adventure are just two kinds of experiences possible on New Hampshire Heritage Trail, which stretches from Portsmouth to Manchester and up through the Lakes Region.

On Saturday, June 4 from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., education takes center stage at the Museum of the White Mountains (MWM), as it hosts an Opening Reception for a new exhibit, titled Watching the Seasons Change. The exhibit, noted MWM Director Meghan Doherty, will explore the seasons through different lenses, including artists’ perspectives and scientific research.

“Spring Thaw in the Presidentials, Mary Brewster Hazelton, Oil on Canvas, 1889. Museum of the White Mountains, Gift of Douglas and Karin Cullity Nelson.”

“Sap Collector, Artist Once Known, Birchbark, Vine or Twine, Circa 1870. On Loan from Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum, Warner, N.H.”

“As the seasons change in the Northeast, we all expect certain signs – the bright red of the sugar maple, the crackle of frozen puddles under foot, the sweet smell of fresh growth as the snow melts, the burble of the brook under a thick canopy of leaves.” she said. “This exhibit will take a look at how our changing climate is affecting those things.”

Watching the Seasons Change Opening Reception is free to attend. To learn more about the exhibit, or MWM, visit plymouth.edu/mwm.

For those looking for adventure, the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire will hold the annual Nashua Fly-In BBQ on Saturday, June 18 in Nashua, NH.

According to Executive Director Jeff Rapsis, this event is “a great kick off to summer” with fun for all ages. “This is a terrific event that we look forward to hosting every year, especially as a way to celebrate dads,” he said.

At this Father’s Day weekend event, some of the highlights include vintage and home-built aircrafts, vintage cars, and a virtual reality exhibit that features a world aerobatics champion.

The event will also feature a restored Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina, a twin-engined amphibious World War II-era aircraft. The airplane, one of very few of its type still flying, will be on display to visitors through noon, and will offer rides in the afternoon.

To purchase tickets, or learn more about the Aviation Museum in Londonderry, visit nhahs.org.

Aside from preserving the history and heritage of New Hampshire, individual museums on The Trail feature events, programs, exhibits, and experiential learning opportunities for all ages. To learn more about The Trail, including its Passport program, which provides buyers with one free admission ticket to each member museum, visit nhmuseumtrail.org.